Coaching Services

We are honored to offer coaching services, support and teachings to assist in your adventure to Uncovering YOU! The below coaching services are facilitated by Neith Sankofa.

Premier Three Month Coaching Package:

Some of the themes that we’ll explore are…

  • I AM (Exploring Who am I?)
  • Raising Your Standards (Self Care/Self-Love As a Necessity)
  • What do I want? (Facing the Unknown to REALLY Dream)
  • Lessons of the Spider (Manifesting in Silence)
  • Understanding Trusted Partnerships (Who/What/When to Share)
  • Sacred Space: Intentional Living
  • Creating Powerful Rising (Morning) and Resting (Evening) Routines
  • Learning and Creating Boundaries
  • Taking Divine Inspired Action (Adventure)
  • Cultivating Courage and Clarity

Your Coaching package includes:

  • Introductory Video with helpful tips to help you stay on the journey.
  • An in-depth informational sheet to help prepare you for your movement session
  • A 2 hour private dance/movement session with Neith Sankofa (in personal or via Skype for remote clients). We’ll select themes and measurable intentions for the weeks ahead, and connect the wisdom of the mind, body and spirit to guide you on your adventure. ($350 value)
  • 12 thematic exploration exercises sent to your inbox weekly (see details below). ($1,080 value)
  • 12-weekly follow up 45 minute SPACE HOLDING coaching calls with Neith. This is the sweet spot of the program as this is where you get support with processing your insights from the week, track the progress of your intentions, and learn to see yourself in your purpose. ($1,020 value)
  • Unlimited email access to Neith for 3 months ($300 value)
  • Weekly feedback, affirmations and encouragement throughout the 12 week journey (priceless)

How the Weekly Exploration exercises are structured (4 part):

Theme: (topic of focus for the week)

This section presents a story or event that can be used as a grounding tool throughout the week. These are my personal stories of how I walked through these lessons. They include insights from my metaphysical, shamanic, and holistic mentorships and other notes about what I learned through personal growth experiences (some of which are hilarious!). It helps to facilitate thought around the theme and creates a point of dialog for weekly coaching discussions. The length of the stories/centering statements will vary.

Reflective Questions:

This section introduces several questions to ask yourself throughout the week (we will go over some safe ways to do this). Insights and notes should be kept in a designated and dedicated notebook (recommended) or computer file. They will be a quick reference for your weekly progress and coaching calls.

­Adventure Exercise:

Most weeks will call for you to take actions that tell the UNIVERSE that you are ready to unfold!! They assist with cultivating courage, clarity and help you practice harnessing the power of inspired action.


This section provides at least one affirmation that can be used to center, encourage and empower as you work with the energy of the theme of the week. I will provide links to additional resources/motivational materials.

NOTE: Where complimentary, you may be emailed additional videos and additional readings that complement the week’s theme.

Your time, energy and monetary investment:

  • A commitment to complete weekly exercises and readings as outlined and additional time for journaling and processing (minimum of 3-4 hours per week).
  • Attendance at your private movement session.
  • A commitment of 45 minutes every week for coaching calls.
  • A monetary investment of $2500.00 (best value) paid in full OR 3 monthly installments of $1000 per month (20% convenience fee  charged for monthly investments).

Note: Contact me for details about paying using Corporate Professional Development  funds (fully accepted).

Process Coaching Services:

From time to time, we may need assistance in thinking through an idea, project, or major decision. I have done this work for many years, and have found it to be a both beneficial and much needed service for my family, friends and long term clients. I have developed an amazing process for asking clarifying questions and using my intuition to help you to ensure that you are moving from a place of true intention. This type of coaching helps you to gain self awareness and gives you to peace of mind and heart that you need to move forward in the most powerful ways possible.

3 Sessions (1 hour each):

This is the best choice and value for getting the most out of this type of coaching. In this format, we start with exercises to get you in touch with your highest self so that you can access what your true intentions and desires are. From there, we cultivate action steps that you can take (both physically and energetically) to help you reach your goals.

Investment: 225.00


Individual Coaching Sessions (1 hour):

These are best for an idea that is either in the developmental stages, or just needs a second eye and ear. It is also ideal for clients that want to hold energetic space for a project and want direction with cultivating affirmations or techniques to ensure that they remain grounded and supported.

Investment: 90.00


Contact Neith today at (404) 825-9708 or to set up a free 15 minute assessment of which coaching package would best serve your needs.