QUEEN of Light, Presidential Existence.

Becoming President of My Queendom

Blissful Greetings Light Warriors!!

I’m a lover of words and find such clarity from looking into the definition and origin of ideas and ideals that capture my attention. In the last few weeks I’ve found an attraction to two concepts that are resolving subjects of discussion in my cultural ancestry- “Queen,” and my social ancestry- “President.”

QUEEN: The female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth (Webster’s Online Dictionary-2018).

I can not begin to recall how many times in my life that I’ve affirmed my Queenly status. Black girl you shall one day be a Black Wombmyn…SHE IS QUEEN! Yasssss!!! Ase! And So It Is! But, what does she then do? To whom does she confide? And to what end does she reign?

PRESIDENT: Elected head of a Republican state. Head of a society, council, or organization. (Webster’s Online Dictionary-2018)

In the landscape of my American society, I have at some point listened, observed and judged each of the sitting Heads of State without much real contemplation on what (or whose) standard I was holding them to.

Yesterday during President’s Day, my Business Mentor Abiola Abrams, posted in her Spiritprenuer Warrior Sisters Facebook community about being The President of your own lives. Another two beautiful SiStar Goddesses facilitated similar heart-stirring discussions in their groups (Awkward Enchanted Coven and Spiritual Love Circle).

Constant, vibrant and FIERCELY PROUD posts are pouring into all aspects of my social media following the huge success of The Black Panther movie. All the Queens are claiming their crowns! With all this magical energy in the air….I was compelled to dive a bit deeper into what I am affirming when I claim “Presidency of my Queendom.”

Being my Light’s Queen means taking ownership of the dominion that is my life’s territory. But this type of rulership is inherent, inherited, and what was meant to be for ME from the beginning. It is an honor and a gift and a duty. My light, or the vital, vibrant, life force within me, is inherently mine. Divinely Designed and foundational to my beingness.

Presidential status, however is electoral. Those that have come to walk with me on this leg of my existence…”Neith’s Life”, have placed their faith and invested their resources in me. This position requires my oath of honor and the integrity to keep promises made. Courage, Wisdom, Awareness, Commitment, Perseverance and Trust are my Sacred Council. My body, family, community, and Spirit Team my constituency.

The borders of my Presidency include space and time, but also the interests and wellbeing of all those whom entrusted me to guide this community’s evolution. My Queendom extends from the beginning of time into the Infinite. A limitless exploration through the Creator’s Deliciously Ecstatic Dream- the I AM called ME. So today I can finally declare with Infinitely Powerful, Soul Rooted Clarity that…

“I AM Queen of my Light, I AM President of my Existence.”

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❤️Light Warrior Neith

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